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Easy Guide on How to Write a Career Research Paper

A career outline is a thorough analysis of a career you intend to pursue. These types of essays require an in-depth analysis of your personality and research to determine how well your career choice fits you.

Unlike most papers, however, a research paper on career choice is not fully based on evidence-based arguments. These types of essays require you to be well adept at describing your strengths and weaknesses and analyzing how well various careers suit you.

Read on to discover the process for writing a career research paper and gain some tips for writing your career outline research paper.

Career research paper template

A career research paper is usually divided into:

  1. An introduction - this section highlights your interests and personality.
  2. The body highlights the responsibilities for the post you’ve identified, the education requirements for pursuing a career in a field, the salary for individuals in the field, and the employment outlook.
  3. Finally, the conclusion should cover what you’ve discovered and indicate your finding. E.g., was the career suitable or not. 

A good career research paper should: 

How to write a career research paper

  1. Select a career

The first step to writing an amazing paper is to select a career that you find appealing. Doing this will give you the impetus to properly analyze the career, thus reaching informed conclusions.

  1. Research

Next, engage professionals in your field and peruse various sources to determine the education requirements, the salary, responsibilities, and employment outlook for your career. 

Unlike websites, individuals can update you on the nitty-gritty day-to-day operations of the job, allowing you to determine how compatible a career is with your personality. 

  1. Prewriting

After collecting your data, we recommend that you prepare an outline and collate all the data yielded by research. The outline should allow you to gauge the completeness of your paper, guiding you on areas that require further thought and analysis. 

  1. Drafting and revision

After analyzing your outline, proceed to prepare your first draft and check it for any grammatical and structural issues. Preferably, engage your peers and experts in this phase as they are better placed to identify various errors as opposed to you.

How to start a career research paper

Starting a research paper is usually an issue for many students. When beginning your career outline research paper;

  1. Select a career

Identify a career that appeals to you and determine what it takes to ensure a prestigious career in your field. You can choose to start by describing the aspect of the job that appeals to you the most and highlight the reason why this aspect matters to you. 

  1. Analyze your personality traits

You may also opt to start by highlighting your traits and later on in your paper employ the traits in gauging the relevance of a career to your needs. Here, limits your analysis to the traits that are related to the career. 

  1. Highlight your strengths and weaknesses

Another method to start a career research paper is by highlighting your strengths and weaknesses. This approach sets a stage for addressing how each of these reflects in your career, therefore serves as a criterion to determine the relevance of a certain career. 

As the latter, we recommend that you only indicate the traits that will influence your performance in the profession under investigation.

Tips for writing a career path research paper

  1. Be keen to select a career that piques your interest over popular careers. This choice will allow you to perform quality research and thus make a precise argument for or against a particular profession.
  2. Engage an expert in the field during research for a clear image of the daily undertakings of a profession and a better analysis of the pros and cons of a career.
  3. Use online personality tests to better understand the traits that either make you suitable or not suited for a career. 
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