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45 Interesting History Research Paper Topics for Students

Topic selection is crucial for preparing your history assignment. This phase not only dictates how easy your research will be but also the extent to which you will cover your paper.

If selected poorly, you may end with a topic that is either broad, narrow, or complex to manage with the resources at your disposal. Broad topics are hard to complete within the provided word count and deadline while their narrow counterparts make it hard to reach the word count. 

We can thus understand why many students often stress over topic selection. This article will highlight the criteria for topic selection and offer some history research paper topics to guide your topic selection. 

How to choose topics for history research paper

Although the history topics for a research paper are a dime a dozen, selecting the topic that first crosses your eyes is not an adequate strategy. Some of the steps to follow when selecting your topic include:

Before selecting your topic, think of various concepts you’ve encountered in the course of a unit. Jot down these ideas while emphasizing the intriguing issues you came across in the topic.

You could also consult your peers to determine the trending issues that are of interest in the unit. However, drop the ideas that have been subjected to extensive research as they may limit the scope of your argument, making it highly likely to prepare plagiarized work. 

After you’ve selected some of the ideas known to you, research the ideas for background information, to determine the perspectives from which you could argue your case. Here, consider searching for some secondary resources that may be used to argue various sections of your paper.

Wikipedia may be a great start off point for your research as it lists various resources that could be used to handle your topic. 

Before settling on a topic, it is crucial to analyze the research question for keywords to gauge how each idea impacts the other. Keywords are vital for research and crucial for your abstract section in papers designed for online databases. 

Often, the tutor may offer a question that offers a general topic, defining the scope of your paper. If the topic is not assigned, select a general area of interest and narrow it down to the ideas that interest you the most.

For instance, you may consider selecting the third world war as your general topic and narrow it down to a specific war. 

The final step before selecting your topic is searching for the available materials on a topic. Resources should enable you to make a fact-based argument that lies within the provided word count. 

History topics for research paper

Art history research paper topics

  1. An analysis of Mesopotamian pyramids and Egyptian pyramids
  2. Ornamental armor and weaponry from the Middle Ages
  3. World wonders as the foundation for art history
  4. Traditional Japanese and Chinese clothing's origins and cultural impact
  5. The study of the similarities and contrasts between ancient Greek and Egyptian canons
  6. The driving force behind Medieval art's fundamental ideas

Best history research paper topics

  1. The impact of the Industrial Revolution on artistic development
  2. Victorian beauty standards are depicted artistically
  3. The history of how nude body parts have been represented in art
  4. Feudal Chinese art
  5. The most important trends in European modern art
  6. The effects of gunpowder on warfare in the Middle Ages
  7. Cold War aftershocks

Good history research paper topics

  1. The Role of Women in Prehistoric Britain 
  2. Why Was Nazi Ideology So Popular with The People? 
  3. Why Do Monarchies Exist?
  4. Cleopatra's and Caesar's Political Alliance
  5. How the Railway System Shaped America's Future
  6. Weapons and Armor Developments During the Middle Ages

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. NATO's Changing Role in the World Community
  2. Syria's Causes of Conflict
  3. What's the Truth Behind Alabama's Claims? 
  4. What Role Does Religion Play in the Colonist Wars? 
  5. Slavery and Literature: African-American Writers' Perspectives on History
  6. How Enslavement Influenced America's Civic Discourse in the seventeenth Century
  7. Weapons and their Use in Ancient Civilizations

Music history research topics

  1. Is modern music superior to music from the 1990s? 
  2. Music from the Renaissance period contains hidden symbols
  3. The most talented composers of the Baroque period 
  4. Comparing Mozart's and Beethoven's main approaches, styles, and influences 
  5. What role did radio play in the development of pop music? 
  6. Distinct characteristics of Asian and European classical music

Research paper topics about Asia

  1. Korean Peninsula Invasion
  2. The Qing Dynasty's fall
  3. The Impact of the West on China and Japan
  4. Gulf War
  5. China's Great Wall
  6. Chinese influence on Japan and Korea from 500 to 1500 CE
  7. China, Japan, and Korea in the aftermath of World War II 

US history research paper topics

  1. The United States declares war on Germany
  2. What was the rationale behind the ratification of the Second Amendment? Is it still valid?
  3. How did J.P. Morgan's life influence America? 
  4. The conflict in the Pacific 
  5. The cost of World War II to the United States 
  6. Diplomacy as a means of resolving the civil war in the United States 
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